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One of the most common questions, asked of Gypsy horse owners, is
"But what can they do?"

The quick answer, is anything you want them to do. They were in the old days, obviously
first and foremost, a driving horse, having often, enough weight and bulk, to pull the very heavy
caravans in which the Gypsies lived and traveled.

When the Travelers and Gypsies of bygone days, moved from their living caravans into motor-homes and settled housing and farms, the Gypsy Horse was seen less often pulling their loads along the roads of the UK.

Still, it didn't stop many Gypsies from still breeding, buying and selling, their beloved horses, in great numbers. They can still be found almost weekly, at sales and fairs all over the country.

Little by little,these flashy, feathered horses, sometimes referred to as Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Horses, Gypsy Cobs, Tinkers, Irish Cobs, Spotted Drafts, Draught Horses, to name a few, found their way into the favor of the general public, as being terrific riding horses, for young and old alike.

They can now be seen in the show rings of the US, UK and many other countries, showing the rest of the equine world, just how incredibly versatile these horses can be.

Some of the larger horses, became noted Dressage mounts. Sligo and many of his offspring have made their mark in Dressage.

Many young people in the US, found these horses to be game for rodeo events and even though some old rodeo people smirked at first and whispered behind cupped hands.

Lately they've had to eat their words, when Gypsy Horses are seen to be just as fast and can turn on a dime, as handily as many Quarter Horse. Gypsy Horses are used for weddings and even funerals, pulling carriages and hearses.

There are even a few now, who are being used as very handy cutting horses, for owners who before, would never have used anything but a Quarter Horse with a lot of "cow".

There are already a few of the breed, who are making a name for themselves as jousting mounts. Another is becoming known on the Polo circuit and yet others follow the hounds. Sadly many can be found in circus's across the world.

Others are finding great favor as vaulting mounts, since with their solid nature and broad backs, they are perfect for that endeavor. Still others have gained fame as reliable mounts for the handicapped.

As the general public ages, many don't like to ride, but still wish to do something with a horse. They have found, that driving is a wonderful hobby and these horses were absolutely made for it.

We see the breed in the shafts of all kinds of wonderful carriages, carts, coaches, drays, waggons etc. in the shows these days. Even pulling sleighs in winter for many owners. And yes, they'll happily pull your plough on Friday, pull a wagon-load of kids for a hayride on Saturday and then take your child into the show ring on Sunday!

If you are so inclined, you can still purchase or even have built, wonderful real Gypsy Caravans and drays. Should you wish to travel and at the same time, have charge of one of these great horses, you can take a Caravan holiday in Ireland and wander through the country lanes, with your confident Gypsy Horse at the helm.

In the last couple of years, the Gypsy Horse has been seen, proudly taking part in The Rose Parade, in Pasadena, California. Many have also participated in many other parades, throughout the United States - and they always are a crowd favorite!

So what can they do?

Just about anything you fancy asking of them!

They definitely are NOT - just another pretty face....

Pride and Sligo at Gypsy Elite
...and they are not just garden ornaments!

A Sligo Grandaughter
This is Kesali - a Granddaughter of Sligo.
She and her owner live on an island,
so must go everywhere on a raft!
Amazing eh?

Amazing Sligo Granddaughter..Click the words here to see story on webshots..
then press the back button to come back
or below link to see their horses!

Website of Orcas Feathered Horses!

Gypsy Horses taking their families to Appleby Fair
. Some of these horses travel on public roads,
for sixty or more miles to the various fairs.

Photo courtesy of Loretta Rawlings. See Our Links page for more information on Loretta.

These horses can JUMP!

A young boy named Lyd, taking her lovely mare Domino, over a jump.
Lyd shows this mare all over England and also follows
the hounds with her. When this photo was taken, she was shaved,
as are many in England for the show ring.

Patience is one thing every Gypsy Horse has!

Our Mercedes, waiting patiently, hitched to a beautiful Gypsy cart.
We also ride this mare all over bareback! She is..well like a Mercedes!
Photo courtesy of Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses.

Pride is SO SMART but so very easy to handle and work with!
Our Pride doing a trick and counting.

Charlotte has a heart of gold, I am so happy she let us put this picture up!

Our young friend Charlotte in England,
showing her lovely gelding Nelson, in hand and proudly showing her ribbon.
This young lady trained this gelding to ride and drive herself.
Photo courtesy of her Mom - Loretta Rawlings.

Not an uncommon site it the UK
Two fellows on a Sunday drive.
Photo courtesy of Loretta Rawlings.

Daisy is such an easy mare to ride!

Our former Mare Daisy under saddle,
going through some heavy brush in Ireland.
Photo courtesy of Clononeen Farms

Pam is AMAZING with her horses!

N'co The Headliner.

This lovely stallion, has already made a
name for himself, in Western AND English Pleasure classes.

Photo courtesy of

N'Co Gypsy Vanner

Meet Feija.

A Gypsy Horse who appears in a popular children's TV show
in Finland. Shown here with his trainer and good friend, Tina.

Photo courtesy of Hoviajelu

Another young lady, Kelsy, taking a jump on her mare Fiona.
Did I mention these horses make fabulous jumpers?
Photo Courtesy of Blarney Stone Acres.

Sligo in Germany was a sight to see!
Our own stallion Sligo, competing while still in Germany.
Sligo has been at stud since 1997, and is the sire of 5 licensed
and proven sons, 3 gold medal foals, and 2 state premium mares.
He is trained in dressage and driving. He is also a willing jumper.
Photo courtesy of Tinker Pierkes.

Yes, these guys really can turn on the speed when required.
Photo courtesy of Judy Brodland

A member of Gypsy Horse Team 1,
taking part in cross-country. in Ireland.
Photo Courtesy of Clononeen Farms

A member of Gypsy Horse Team 4, taking part in cross-country,
in Ireland.

These Gypsy horses can turn on a dime!
This is little Laura, rounding a barrel, in the Texas Playdays Rodeo.
She's shown here, riding her lovely mare, Bayonetta.
This breed seems to have been just made for children to enjoy.
Photo courtesy of Image Setter Ranch.

Here is GlennRainier Irish Legacy "Axel" who is a working cow horse
and also a reining horse. See - they really can do anything asked of them.
Photo courtesy of GlennRainier Gypsy Cobs.

A troupe of gorgeous Gypsy Horses, taking part in the 2007
Rose Parade.



Whatever you have named your Gypsy Horse - "Versatile" is his middle name! He can and will, embrace a huge variety of skills. As we collect more photos of Gypsy Horses performing in different venues, we will add them to this page.



Thank you for considering our
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